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Welcome to Beck Electric Bikes Scotland. Electric Bikes and Electric Bike Conversions are growing rapidly in appeal all over the world.

With electric bikes becoming more popular and many very expensive, converting is an economical option. If you already have a bike you are happy with, why go to the expense of a proprietary E bike? when your bike will convert. Whether it be a posh new bike or an old favorite!

With options of 250 or 500 watt.

Mainly fitting the well reputed Bafang BBS mid drive units. There are some bikes, like tandems, where fitting a hub motor is the better oprion.

If you don’t have a bike, one can be built up from the Tiger, Claude Butler and Dawes ranges at a very competitive price.

All installations have a thumb throttle, pedal assistance sensor and brake switches(Where they can be fitted) and carry a year’s warranty and after sales service.

If you currently own a bike (it doesn’t matter if its a mountain bike, road bike, folding bike including brompton, or a hybrid.) Beck Electric Bikes can convert this bike into an Electric Bike. This means you keep your existing bike, and you are in control in regards to the requirements.

If you are considering going for proprietary electric bikes. These are usually overpriced, overweight, underpowered, impossible to work on AND when they go wrong, impssible to get parts for! They usually, are an inferior bike to many existing bikes. Also you will not find a Bafang BBS, or a reliable quality battery on one, unless it is a high end mountain bike.< /br>

With bases in Dunoon, Cupar and Peebles I can arrange to come see your bike, pick up and deliver. There is usualy a nominal fee for pick up & delivery

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Email or phone for options & price.

Payments accepted as a direct bank transfer and PayPal


You can get up to £6000 worth per household - up to £3000 for an ebike or two, or a cargo bike or specially adapted ebike.

The repayment period is 4 years.

The loan is interest free.

Criteria: bike must be compliant (which ours are) and you must live in Scotland.

Processing time currently 2 weeks.

For an application form call them: 0808 808 2282.


Dunoon, Stewart Street, Kirn, PA23 8DS
Peebles, Standsalane Farm, EH45 8PQ

07870 951 007

Opening hours

Mon -thurs 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Fri 10am to 17.30 pm.

Sat 11am to 17.30 pm.

Sat 11am to 13.00 pm.

Beck Bikes official dealers for Claud Butler , Dawes and Tiger bikes.



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