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Looking after the battery

All Electric Bike Conversion products have the latest generation of Lithium batteries with battery management circuitry built into them. This BMS is there to protect against overcharging and over draining the battery cells. It also ensures that all the battery cells charge and discharge evenly, giving the whole battery a longer life.

The best way to look after the electric bike battery on your electric bike is to use regularly. Leaving it discharged is likely to shorten its life. So ride your electric bike regularly and recharge it regularly. It’s usually lack of use that causes problems.

Never leave your electric bike battery discharged for long periods of time. If you are not going to use your electric bike for a while, charge the battery every month anyway. If necessary get a monthly timer so it can be recharged every 4 weeks automatically. That way you can just plug it in and the timer will take care of it for you without you having to worry about it.

When your electric bike is new, fully discharge by riding it, and re-charge charge the electric bike battery. Do this at least once when the electric bike battery is new. This conditions the electric bike battery cells, and after that, there is no need to discharge the electric bike battery before recharging. All our electric bike batteries are the latest technology and have no memory effect so you can top them up at any time, and we recommend that you do this.

ou cannot over charge one of our electric bike batteries. The intelligent charger that comes with your electric bike reads the electric bike battery as it charges it and will switch itself off when the electric bike battery is full. So just plug it in and leave it overnight and it will be fully charged in the morning.

Using the bike for work, take the electric bike battery to your desk and top up the charge whilst you work, In the winter or when it is cold, the electric bike battery will become less efficient. This is true of all electric bike batteries. You will be aware that after a freezing night and on a cold morning, cars can be more difficult to start. That’s because the battery has got so cold. It is not quite the same with electric bikes, but if the electric bike battery is allowed to get very cold by being left out in a garage or shed, the electric bike battery efficiency will drop considerably. This will result in the electric bike feeling a bit slower and the range or distance it will travel before a recharge is required will be reduced.

If you can bring your electric bike indoors when the weather is very cold it will not just help the electric bike battery. All the moving parts will run better as well, and the oils will be more efficient, and in addition this will reduce any drag as you ride and general wear on the electric bike. 


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